One Stone

While I’m working out the process for allowing other users to post to this blog, here’s a submission from Jared B.  This came from his heart while on his morning run. 

one stone to turn!

let us not be distracted by the old prophet
who tickles the ear and swells the head
with new terms and ways of worship
empty rhetoric turning gold to lead

it is not just strict discipline
our discipline can fall into degrees
adhering to the utmost strict guidelines
will this bring us to our knees?

to receive your anointing LORD
there is only one stone to turn
can we drop the empty rhetoric?
and turn the one stone….the pages of your word!

Lord Jesus let us seek your word and disregard the word of man.  I can rest in the palm of your hand.  Give me faith to place my burdens on you to carry cross the land.  You comfort me Lord and deliver me from sin to never return again.  Let me be not tempted by this world.  If so, let temptation find me steadfast, vigilant, alert and aware always turning to you.  Your will be done! Amen.

2 Responses to “One Stone”

  1. Craig Sheriff says:

    Thanks for the richest measure of Christ’s presence and the elements of the true prophetic of holiness, the Cross. Both sobering and inspiring. Thanks for exercising God’s grace and gift in your life.(1 Peter 4:10) This is true “zoetry” and not just “poetry”!

  2. AnnaMarie Sheriff says:

    Wow. “Deep calls unto deep”. What a joy to see how the hand of God on your life is bringing forth such pure desire and passion from your heart. Thank you for posting something that causes me to pause, muse and ponder over.

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