Turn and Return

Submitted by B. Hoag 

I was praying the other day and talking to the Lord about the Word “Return” and asking Him to continue to speak to me and reveal more of what He wants to say to me regarding it. Just as I was crying out to the Lord, my cat Kisses jumped up into my lap. My eyes were closed so it was a bit startling, but almost immediately I knew it was the Lord answering my prayer. I realized how she was a sign of the Word in that she had been lost recently for over 2 weeks and then found! We discovered later that she had actually been just across the street under someone’s porch almost the entire time, yet she couldn’t find her way home – she didnt’ return.

Sometimes in the midst of distractions, obstacles of daily life, situations (expected and unexpected), thoughts, feelings, etc., we may get confused and convinced that we’re so far from Him or that He is so far from us – but it is a lie! He is as near as our very breath! He is in us!! He is nigh unto us! He will never leave us or forsake us! All we need to do is turn in His direction – turn and return to Him! All Kisses needed to do was get across the street, but instead she lived out in the cold with none of the provision that was available to her – for over 2 weeks. We were here all along – calling her name, looking for her return.

BUT GOD in His mercy calls out to us – He looks for us to return unto Him and to receive ALL that He has for us!

So whether you’ve been “just across the street” or “in a far off land” like the prodigal son, turn and return to Him! He is waiting for you with meat to feed your hunger, living Water to quench your thirst, covering from the storm, and a Light to guide your way. He is a faithful, mighty God Who upholds His Word and desires to bless you for a cause – His cause! Hallelujah!



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