Happy Thanksgiving!

This is something that is being said many times today as we greet one another to eat a spectacular meal that someone has slaved to provide. Though I will participate in this annual ritual, (and I might add, participate in excess) I don’t want to lose the true attitude and heart that My Father wants me to pursue.

Tuesday afternoon I went to prayer time at the church. As I sat there and prayed and also observed these mighty women of prayer and intercession pray with passion, zeal and fervor because they truly believe praying makes a difference in the lives of people and their city, God put a word in my heart. Passion begats passion! The more we pursue Him and taste of His goodness, the more we want of His goodness, His love, His Presence! It becomes an insatiable thirst or hunger for Him, because His love and goodness are without limits. Oh my, how He wants to lavish us with who He is!

I believe that giving thanks can be be a good starting point in obtaining a passion for Him. Start today giving thanks to God for your blessings. Then tomorrow give thanks for Him. Then the next day do it again, and then again and again. You will begin to start sensing some thing different – tasting of His goodness. Before you know it you may be pursuing Him with reckless abandon. Not being able to be satisfied with anything or anyone else other than your Lord and King.

Happy Thanksgiving to God! 



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