To Know Our God

Submitted by Bobbi Hoag 

“…but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” – Daniel 11:32b KJV
There is one thing that is needful…(Lu. 10:42 KJV) We must KNOW OUR GOD! When we know our God, we will be strong and do! The Lord didn’t say we need to know more and more ABOUT God, but rather we need to KNOW OUR GOD!! The term “our” in and of itself speaks of relationship. He is not “a God afar off” – He is IN us and AMONG us! (John 14:17) He desires to continually reveal more of Himself to us in a personal, relational way. He desires not just to be “our God” by title, but in reality and truth-everyday, both now and forevermore. When we were saved, we were translated from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light. We received the gift of eternity in that moment. We are OF another Kingdom! We SERVE another King – His Name is Jesus! We belong to God; we are His precious possession-His chosen people-his holy nation. (I Peter 2:9-10 AMP) He wants us to KNOW Him for Who He truly is. This Hebrew word “know” has a multitude of meanings. Built into its meaning are things like “acknowledgement”, “acquaintance with”, “comprehend”, “have understanding”, “familiar friend”, “for a certain”, and “assuredly”. WOW! This word “know” has depth way beyond a cerebral knowledge. It’s personal – “familiar friend”; it’s a solid foundation – “for a certain; assuredly”; and it’s a faith-based, spiritual knowing – “comprehend; have understanding”.
So let’s take another look at the Word of the Lord from Daniel 11:32. “…but the people that do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” We must read this as a promise from a faithful, mighty, covenant-keeping God! As we continue to walk daily in the Word, depending on the Lord completely, receiving the Word at His mouth, and seeking to truly know Him, WE WILL BE STRONG! Not we might be, but WE WILL BE! Strong in the Lord and the power of His might! (Eph. 6:10AMP) Strong in faith nothing wavering! (Ro. 4:20-21 Message) Strong in Our God! Why? Because we KNOW HIM. The Lord also promises that we will do exploits. The word “exploit” in Webster’s means “notable deed or act”. It’s in italics in most translations and therefore was added to the original for depth of understanding. EXPLOITS! Wow! Nothing is impossible with our God. (Mark 10:27 AMP) And I think this word “exploit” emphasizes that reality because it carries with it the connotation of mighty works. But just for a moment, let’s drop the word “exploit” and read it again: “…but the people that do know their God shall be strong and DO.” The people who know their God WILL ACT. Their lives will magnify and demonstrate the God they know. It’s a promise, and God always keeps His Word. The Word He speaks is full of life-giving power! (John 6:63 Message) God’s people WILL be doers of the Word. Why? Because they try harder?? NO! Because they KNOW their God! They are growing more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him everyday. They are allowing Him to build Himself in their lives. (Matthew 16:18 KJV, I Pe. 2:4,5 AMP) They give complete entrance to His Word (Ps. 119:130 AMP) and respond to His Voice (John 10:4 AMP). They position themselves to receive from those men and women in their lives that they know KNOW GOD! They are continually having their minds renewed by the Word of God (Ro. 12:2) that they may worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (Jn.4:23)…That they may KNOW THEIR GOD! Hallelujah. May it be done unto us according to the Word.

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  1. AnnaMarie says:

    Shame on me for not having checked the blog site in over a week!!! I had not read your wonderful entry. WOW. YAY. AWESOME. HALLELUJAH. Thank you so much. Keep it a’coming! AnnaMarie

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