On Eagles Wings

  This may seem like a somewhat trivial little thing but it ended up speaking volumes to my heart:

Yesterday morning I was at our gym and this one young mom comes in every morning to work out and has her 2 year old little girl with her. Her little girl is such a doll and I look forward to seeing her each day.

I needed to walk over and mail something at the Post Office so I asked the mom if her little girl could walk with me. She said sure. So we set off, me holding her tiny little hand. It seemed like it took us about 10 minutes to go that one block because she has to take such tiny steps (and she was wearing flip-flops! too cute). We got there, mailed the letter and then I decided I wanted us to get back faster so I PICKED HER UP AND CARRIED HER.

The Lord brought this back to me this morning while in prayer as an example of what He does with us, with our limitations, our “weaknesses”. He could walk there right beside us, holding our hand, letting US set the pace, but then there’ll come a time when He’ll just lift us up, and we’ll be carried as if on eagles wings and be caught up in HIS momentum to get to the destination He has for us!

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